About gavio

” At gavio, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are consumers of the products we create. It is in our design ethos that we take to heart when producing our own trendy gadgets & lifestyle products for others to enjoy worldwide.


gavio produces an extensive range of high quality consumer goods from earphones, headphones, speakers, innovative cases, chargers, protectors for phones and tablet PCs. We take originality and innovation in design and performance as our priority when producing premium lifestyle products for the masses. ”

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” To be a globally recognized lifestyle-centric brand that houses a winning team of passionate individuals who breathes life into our creations. ”

Since inception, the Vision is to be the Brand that is strongly distinguished as a leader in designing and manufacturing modern consumer products.

We always have the customers’ best interest at heart. We initiate the next step forward through design research, customer experience, and innovation alongside the latest trends.


Our Mission is a framework which consists of five vital elements, it leads us to achieve our Vision.

  • Employees

    Provide a positive working environment that is conductive to motivate employees to be the best, hence creating the best.

  • Products

    Introduce modern, trendy,quality, refreshing and sustainable products to the world to satisfy their thirst for desirability.

  • Partnership

    Create and nurture a network of passionate customers, distributors and suppliers to walk the journey with us, creating value and growth.

  • Productivity

    Aim to be a highly efficient and fast-paced organization, coupled with steadfast dedication.

  • Environmental

    Strive to set a leading example to others by designing with recyclable materials and non-hazardous chemicals.


gavio looks beyond the horizon to be a customer-centric entity. We set out to generate multiple primary touchpoints with customers to ensure this valuable yet unqualifiable measurement is infused into our Brand Values.
  • Leadership

    Contribute excitement and responsibility to a better future.

  • Simplicity

    Beauty, purity and clarity.Less is always more.

  • Passion

    We love what you want, and we love what we do for you.

  • Quality

    We only demand the best. We will not deliver products that we are not proud of using.

  • User Focused
    User Focused

    Made by humans, for humans.

  • Innovative

    We strive to innovate innovation.

  • Fashionable

    We bring tomorrow’s fashion to you, today.



gavio privé’s products are sophisticated, sleek and elegant as it is pure and simple in aesthetics. It is specifically catered to a handful of clienteles who demands luxury, beauty and uniqueness.
gavio privé creates and ensures these criteria’s are met to exceed expectations.

We are…Unpretentious.Unprecedented.Unrivalled.


gavio dyna g’s products are catered primarily for customers who wish to break free from conventional styles and be one with the street fashion culture.
Designed with the elements of fun, color, carefree and youthfulness in mind, gavio dyna g brings out the flavours of fashion hidden within the user.

We are…Bold.Daring.Redefining fashion.